Randy Channell Soei


Randy Channell Soei came to Japan in the early 80’s to study Budo (martial arts).
He began studies in Chanoyu (the way of tea) shortly thereafter to balance his martial training. He attended the Urasenke Gakuen
Professional College of Chado in Kyoto from 1993 to 1996.
Since graduating he has been involved in hundreds of tea gatherings, conferences, presentations, lectures and galleries.
Aside from his regular lessons in Kyoto he lectures across Japan and
is often featured in the media both domestically and overseas.
(Currently featured on CNN)
He has written for many publications and his bilingual (J/E) book on tea
“The Book of Chanoyu~Tea the Master Key to Japanese Culture” was
on Amazon’s bestseller list. He is the owner of ran Hotei, where you can purchase his original line of matcha.
Soei Sensei is presently busy online promoting the Tea Ceremony with workshops, presentations and lessons.


Not only for formal tea ceremonies
Tea ceremony at weddings and events, tea ceremonies at hotels, museums, temples and shrines, etc.

Talkshows, etc


Lectures and seminars are not only about "Tea Ceremony" or "Martial Arts", but also on "Japanese culture," "Japan from a foreigner's perspective," "hospitality," "tea is fun," and other topics.