A taste of ran Hotei


100% Kyoto
ran Hotei's original matcha
Randy's original curry
Homemade sweets, original drinks


Relax with a book while enjoying the garden or chatting with friends in the Japanese-style room
Pets are welcome!
Have a laid back time in Kyoto.


'Japanese' curry was introduced by English sailors in the Meiji era. It became popular among the common people in the Taisho era as a stylish dish.
At ran Hotei you can enjoy Randy's unique take on this original English recipe.

Curry and naan 980 yen
Meatballs in stewed tomatoes ¥980
Quiche with mini soup ¥980
Soup of the day ¥900
Take out is also possible.
(Please inquire about specials not on the menu!)


ran Hotei's original matcha cakes are made using 100% Kyoto tea leaves. Our maple cake uses Canadian maple syrup and the chocolate cake from American chocolate.
We offer handmade sweets as a set with a drink.
Sweets set ¥1,100


Enjoy a wide variety of drinks from matcha, coffee, and black tea, to matcha latte, hojicha latte, and original matcha soda.
Coffee ¥480
Matcha latte ¥780
Hojicha latte ¥750
Matcha soda ¥750